Oct 1, 2013


We're excited to have GE Lighting Canada at our 2013 Toronto Fall Home Show (Oct. 3-6)!

Check out our exclusive interview with this fabulous exhibitor below... 

Describe your products: 
"GE Lighting develops energy efficient and LED lighting solutions for commercial and home lighting. We're bringing light to the world and your home by developing new technologies that operate with more efficiency and less cost.

We know the right lighting is just as important as the right colour paint. It makes a huge difference to the mood of your home by creating an atmosphere that’s calm or motivating or even romantic." 

What are your featured items this season? 
"Check out our latest bulbs, the GE Reveal® and the GE Energy Smart® LEDs."  

What are your best home or garden tips for this season?
"Do your own home makeover with GE reveal®!

You know that great feeling you get when you've just repainted or redecorated and the house feels fresh and new? The right lighting can have a similar effect.  GE Reveal® light bulbs are a quick and easy makeover for every room of your home. 

You can create the perfect lighting environment with the long-life, energy savings, and the clean beautiful light of reveal®.  They bring the true beauty of your home to life by filtering out the dingy yellow tones unlike standard incandescent bulbs.  The colour-enhanced full spectrum light bulbs make your whites appear whiter, reds redder, and allow patterns throughout your home to “pop”.  

The light from reveal® bulbs that many consumers have come to love is now seamlessly integrated into LED bulbs for several of your home's lighting applications. 
Give your home a quick and easy lighting makeover that can last a lifetime!" 

Don't miss GE Lighting Canada at our Fall Home Show (Oct. 3-6)!