Jun 11, 2014

The new year is all about new beginnings, makeovers, and fresh inspiration.  In 2014, why not consider making over your kitchen?  Sound expensive?  It doesn't have to be.  With some small investments, creative thinking, and of course, a trip to the any of our upcoming home shows, a kitchen makeover could be a lot simpler than you think.  Start planning today! Take a look at some of our favourite cost-efficient ideas below.

5 Easy Kitchen Makeover Ideas 

1.  Paint or reface the kitchen cabinets.  If the cabinets are older, you may need to replace the hinges when refacing them, however if a little spray paint is all they need, take a couple days a apply a few coats.  Another tip, make sure you number your cabinets doors before taking them off the hinges, this way putting your kitchen back together is a breeze. 

2.  Update your lighting.  If the lighting in your kitchen is dated or fairly generic, updated it with some new pendant lights, pot lights, or other fancy fixtures.  The new lighting will give a new glow to your kitchen for very little cost.   

3. Switch up your hardware.  Sometimes, all it takes is some new bling on the cabinets and drawers to refresh your kitchen.  Stop by any of our home shows to take a look at the endless (cost-effective) possibilities. 

4. Paint the walls and/or add a tile backsplash.  Of course, paint is quick and easy way to refresh the look of any space.  But one thing people often overlook is the elegance that comes with a nice backsplash.  At our home shows, you'll be presented with glass, ceramic, slate, or even stainless steel option that will surely blow you away.  Hire a professional, or install it yourself.  With such a small area to cover, sometimes you can afford to splurge a bit here.  

5.  Cover your countertops.  While it may sound pricey, having a professional cover your kitchen coutertops with a custom-fitted piece of granite is a lot less expensive than replacing the entire thing.  You'll be thrilled with the sleek looking finish!  Of course, you can find somebody to help you with this at any of our upcoming home shows.  

So what will it be? 
Regardless of what you plan on doing, inspiration is right around that corner at any of our Marketplace Events shows.

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