Dec 23, 2013

We’re thrilled to have Dr. Lori, star appraiser on Discovery Channel's Auction Kings, appear at the Kansas City Remodeling Show Feb. 7-9 2014 at the American Royal Center. She can’t wait to bring her talents to Kansas City, so at each of her presentations, she will be appraising a limited number of antiques and collectible items. If you’re interested, bring your hand-carried item to the stage area early to be selected for an appraisal (limit one item per family). Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to find out how much those family heirlooms sitting around your house are worth.

We recently caught up with her and she shared some of her most memorable appraising moments and her unbeatable tips for getting the most out of your items.

What are the top three tips to follow when getting antiques appraised?

  • Don't think your antique is worthless just because it is yours.
  • Don't let your antique go until you know what it's worth.
  • Get Dr. Lori to appraise your antique.

What are the most expensive, scary and strange items you've ever appraised? The most expensive item I've ever appraised at a Home Show event was Napoleon Bonaparte's personal good luck charm worth over $2 million dollars. I discuss many of the other interesting items (like a $500,000 Tiffany lamp, a copper weathervane that saved a family farm from foreclosure, etc.) in this video from ABC TV's LiveWell Network.

What antiques usually go unnoticed, but are actually very valuable?
Fishing Lures.

What should you look for when trying to determine if an item has value? Don't let your appraiser buy your antique from you or broker (sell) your antique from you. If you want to sell your antiques, I offer tips in this video from my appearance on Anderson Cooper LIVE:

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Finding the time to review all of the objects that people all over the world want me to evaluate. I evaluate 20,000 objects at more than 150 events worldwide every year and I still need more time to appraise all the cool objects.

Describe our Home Show in one word.

Don’t miss Dr. Lori at our Kansas City Remodeling Show (Feb. 7-9)!