Dec 28, 2013

DIY expert shares the basics of her favorite product!

Sausha Khoundet of, a blog site dedicated to the art of furniture refurbishing and DIY home projects, shares her favorite product with you—Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. Milk Paint can add color to an outdated piece of furniture, create a beautifully rustic appearance on nearly any surface, and complement authentically aged pieces in no time at all.

What exactly is Milk Paint?
Milk Paint contains milk protein, lime, and natural pigments for a truly earth-friendly paint. Sweet Pickins Milk Paint comes in a powder form and is simply mixed with water when you are ready to use it. Milk Paint can go on walls, metal, glass, concrete, and wood.

Sausha’s Top Five Reasons to Love Milk Paint

  1. There is absolutely no prep work before painting, which is a huge time saver! You can paint over dirt, dust, scratches, and scuffs.
  2. Milk Paint is made of all-natural ingredients that will not harm the environment.
  3. Milk Paint has an exceptional amount of color variations, and every color can be mixed to create a unique color. Because of the different pigments in the paint, the finish is never one-dimensional.
  4. You are able to achieve a beautiful and authentically aged look on any piece of furniture or tabletop decoration. The “crackle” effect is easily created by lightly sanding the surface of the furniture.
  5. There are virtually endless uses for Milk Paint and an excellent amount of resources available to help you get started on your projects.

At the Home Show, Sausha will demonstrate her furniture refurbishing techniques and exciting ways to use Milk Paint on the Design Stage on Saturday, January 11 at noon and Sunday, January 12 at 1 p.m.