Dec 28, 2013

2014 will bring with it a whole palette full of new flavors and ingredients.  As we branch out and try new, exotic foods, it looks like we’ll be trying new things and some old things in new ways. Some of the top chefs, food bloggers, cookbook authors and foodies in Utah have compiled their favorite trends to look for in 2014.

5 Awesome & Fresh Trends

Bacon for Dessert
Everyone loves bacon! And now we're dipping slices in chocolate and crumbling it on cakes more than ever.  It's not just the bacon we love, it's the marriage between sweet and salty that makes the dessert even better.
-Lizzy Early
Blogger, Your Cup of Cake
Cookbook author, Your Cup of Cake & Push Up Pop Treats Kit

Greek Yogurt Reinvented
As tempting as Greek yogurt can be mixed with berries and granola or in your favorite smoothie, it can be an integral part of making lower fat baked goods and sauces.  One of my favorite quick breads mixes peanut butter and banana with whole-wheat flour and Greek yogurt.  It’s irresistible for kids and adults alike!
-Dara Michaelski
Blogger, The Cooking Canuck

Mini-Desserts and Presentations
I love desserts.  I have written several cookbooks, all about desserts.  So the trend I’m excited about is all the new things with desserts.  Mini-desserts are getting huge and the packaging is as important as the food.  I like substituting healthy ingredients to make things like Triple Chocolate Cupcakes or Southern Apple Spice Cake, but they are almost healthy.  And then, I love to serve them up in new ways.  Wait ‘till you see what you can put in a jar!

-Wendy Paul
Cookbook author, 101 Gourmet cookbook series
Citrus Takes Center Stage
I am thrilled to see citrus taking more of the spotlight in the upcoming year. This often-underutilized ingredient is squeezing its way into menus across the nation. From the bright, zesty flavor of the lemon, to the tart and tangy bite of the lime, citrus enhances dishes both savory and sweet. Pucker up, 2014, the rising citrus wave will take your taste buds to new heights.   
-Aimee Krey
Cooking Instructor and Blogger, Love of Food

Butter is Healthy Again
One constantly evolving food trend is the move towards healthier eating.  This includes the move toward more fruits, vegetables and lean protein and the shift from margarine to butter. The move from center-of-the-store foods (canned and preserved) to walls of the store (where fresh food resides) is a health trend that continues.   According to the USDA, five years ago per capita usage of butter was 4.7 lbs.  In 2012 it hit 5.6 lbs per capita.  As we discover ways to combine butter with fresh foods, we’ll see that they taste better than the junk food we’ve gotten used to.
-David Shamy
Chef Shamy Gourmet Foods


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