Mar 19, 2014

We’re thrilled to have RE/MAX as the official sponsor of both the National Home Show in Toronto and the Ottawa Home + Garden Show. In Toronto and Ottawa our goal is always to bring together the very best products, services and experts for you to discover. This is why we’re teaming up with RE/MAX; a well-respected brand that has perfected the process of buying and selling Canadian homes. 

5 Secret Bedroom Staging Tips
Presented by RE/MAX

While many of you may know the traditional staging tips, de-clutter, de-personlize, and paint.  Today, RE/MAX is letting you in on a few of their simple and sacred secrets.  

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1. Window Treatments
One of the selling features of a bedroom is always the view.  If you have a nice view in the bedroom, showcase it by dusting and steaming the curtains or blinds before opening them.  If your bedroom is in need of window treatments, consult with your RE/MAX agent to find the clean and simple pieces that will frame the windows nicely.  

2. Laundry & Closets
We shouldn't have to tell you to pick up your dirty laundry, but in case you forget, be sure to place all laundry baskets in the closet as you are showing your home.  If you have a full closet, purge some of your clothes to optimize space, this will demonstrate the potential storage available. 

3. Refreshed Linens
While you may like your bright or patterned sheets and comforter, crisp white or solid-coloured linens are always best for showcasing a space.  Don't distract the eyes of potential buyers, minimize the amount of pillows you place on your bed and be sure to you're sheets are fresh for every showing. 

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4. Candles & Scents 
A fresh, nice smelling space is always appealing.  Without adding too much clutter, add some scented candles, flowers, or potpourri to your room.  Be sure the candles are not too overpowering, try to keep the smell subtle and sweet.

5. Use Symmetry 
Having a symmetrical bedroom is particularly helpful in a master bedroom, where couples usually shop for a fairly equal amount of space.  Having similar sized pieces on either side of the bed is always a great way to showcase a room's potential.  

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