Jan 7, 2014

Baby it's cold outside! 
Get away from the winter blues... Freshen up your home for the new year with some easy decorating tips.

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Keep your home organized, clean and make sure things are in order. Light a candle, play some music and put fresh flowers around the house. Add a pop of color with a bright throw pillow or perhaps some vibrant plants.

Fresh Flowers:
Vase via casalife
Brighten your days with fresh floral arrangements.  There's nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up you your space or day.  Super simple whether a single bloom on your table, a colourful arrangement on the dining table or adding cheer to the kitchen they give off an energy of colour and happiness.

Check out the local farmers market or grocery store for some seasonal favorites – tulips will be coming up soon and those are a personal favourite. These “fresh”  reminders will keep you going through the winter months. 
Don't forget to add greenery to your space, this will lighten up the room, plus plants create healthier air.  After a winter of coughing, sneezing, and just feeling “blah”, bringing in plants can completely change your mood.

Pillows & Linens
Chair by West Elm
For instant colour and makeover, add a throw pillow (or three) to your home decor.  A simple and inexpensive way to transition into the warmer months is to replace or add new pillows into your decor.  This simple switch-out can change the overall aesthetic and feel of a room in minutes.  Not only will your pillows last longer because they’re not being used 12 months of the year, but you also probably won’t get tired of them as fast.

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Give your decor a boost with a warm welcome, a new year with fresh linens. Beyond clean bedding, think about adding wonderful bed linens and comfort items to your bedroom.

Tea Towel
Ring in the new year with a lovely Tea Towel.  A fresh new tea towel will make a lovely new year addition to your kitchen.  Dish towels tend to be an afterthought when it comes to kitchen accessories which add a splash of character, charm and color to any kitchen's decor.

Etsy, Artthatmoves 
Get organized
Declutter your home and get organized. Refresh a room using boxes and other household storage items.
Enough storage space is, of course, the Holy Grail of any household. But solutions to the problem are probably littering your closets and cupboards right now. Use monochromatic boxes, wooden crates, berry baskets, and jars to stash anything from mementos to old files, paper clips to dried spices.

Box via casalife

Save the Memories
Extend those fabulous holiday memories beyond the end of your holiday by making the most of your images.  Turn your holiday memories into works of art using various frames and photo printing options.

Save and preserve your holiday photos and make memories last a lifetime! Enjoy and display the memories you've created together.

Frames via Umbra
 A Personalized Note
Start of the new year with a positive note. Express your thanks or thoughts to friends and family.  Personalize your message with a card.  Sending a personalized note card to someone, especially in today's online  environment, is more appreciated than ever.

Rosie & Joe – Handprinted Maxicard Yellow/Mint
Etsy, The Kautzi Shop 

Special thanks to Show Manager Tina Holmes a.k.a@TinaLovesPinot, for sharing some of her Home Show favourties with us!