Mar 21, 2014

Ahmed Hassan is an accredited landscape designer, consultant and gardener.  He owns Ahmed Hassan Landscape Services (AHLS) LLC, a landscape design, installation, and maintenance company and has collaborated on several landscape and construction projects throughout the country.  Ahmed has served as guest contributor for the CBS Early Show and NBC’s Today Show and is a guest columnist for several publications including the new HGTV magazine. 

Come out to the Central Florida Home + Garden Show and meet Ahmed Hassan.  He will be appearing on Saturday & Sunday (April 5 & 6).

What do you gather most of your inspiration for your new projects?
My inspirations for outdoor spaces stem from nature and natural spaces. I love to see boulders and rock formations, water features that have a natural look and flare to them. In my opinion, a good landscape blends into the natural surrounding, maybe with a little more “bling” and comfort concepts but it should look and feel like a natural environment.

What gardening trend or item are you coveting this season?
I'm going back to the earth. I'm most interested in growing food at home, so lots of edibles, composting and building with natural stone. I'm also living in our newly purchased home and looking forward to keeping everything as organic as possible. While I'm not a puritan, I'd feel better about the health and well being of my family and our new puppy "Chloe" if only organic products were used here at home.

What's your favorite gardening/landscaping APP?
That's cute, a Landscaping APP!!!  I just use Google. :-)   When I was growing up and learning all that I could about landscape and gardening it wasn't nearly as easy as it is today. 

APRIL 4-6, 2014