Jan 23, 2014

Kimberly Lacy is the project manager on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal.” Known for her on-camera charisma and outgoing personality, each week Kimberly shares her practical painting and landscaping tips, techniques and demonstrations with viewers.

Kimberly shows how simple touches can make a dramatic improvement on your home and landscaping.
Kimberly is appearing at the Indianapolis Home Show presented by Xfinity on Saturday, Jan. 25 and Sunday, Jan. 26. Make sure you don’t get kicked to the curb!

To get to know a little more about Kimberly, here’s a Q&A!

1.     Name three items you couldn’t live without.
Mascara, pruners, iPhone

2.     How did you get your start in the design business?
An internship with HGTV’s “Designed to Sell” (DC addition). I also started painting at the age of 16.

3.     Describe your design style in five words or less.
Functional eclecticism                                                         

4.     What is your most memorable career moment to date?
Two-year relocation to San Francisco to film “Curb Appeal”        

5.     What is your personal motto?
A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.                      

6.     What is something your fans may not know about you?
I have a pretty serious business side.

7.     Explain why you love “Curb Appeal.”
I love being able to assist the neighbors because they have no clue they are being chosen for a makeover. No coincidences, just deserving!

Come see Kimberly Lacy at the 2014 Indianapolis Home Show on Saturday, Jan. 25 and Sunday, Jan. 26!