Jan 30, 2014

He’s the host of HGTV’s “Room Crashers,” a show that finds unsuspecting homeowners who need help with their home improvement projects.
Todd Davis is just the guy to show Indianapolis Home Show attendees how to transform dull, bland rooms into stunning, eye-popping showpieces with his adventurous design style.

To get to know a little more about Todd, here’s a Q&A!

1. Name three items you couldn’t live without.
A good paintbrush, tape measure and Pano Camera

2. How did you get your start in the design business?
I bought my loft here in San Francisco and remodeled the entire thing. It was a three-dimensional canvas I have never worked with before, and it changed my life forever for the better.

3. Describe your design style in five words or less.
Interactive, dynamic, unique, creative and chaotic

4. What is your most memorable career moment to date?
Living in Ginger Rogers’ old estate in Beverly Hills for two months, implementing two projects in the house with a black credit card in my back pocket

5. What is your personal motto?
Take chances, and have fun.

6. What is something your fans may not know about you?
I lived in a snow cave I made in Argentina for more than a month. I never saw a summer in more than 11 years touring as a professional athlete for skiing and snowboarding, bouncing back and forth between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Oh, and I am a Guinness World Record Holder for flying my skydiving wing suit in the biggest formation the sky has ever witnessed last year in Perris, Calif. One hundred strong, I was second from the base, which means I set the angle and distance for the other 99 wing suit pilots behind me in the formation. What a wonderful visual to break off and see so many pilots open everywhere around me!

7. Explain why you love “Room Crashers.”
I love "Room Crashers" because it's like living life in fast forward. I randomly meet new people in new locations I have never been to. They give me a tour of their house, I get to design anything I want, it's free to them, and it adds value to their home.

Implementing the design during construction can be chaotic, but there is a surprise reveal and people cry, sometimes out of joy! I wave goodbye and start it all over the following week in another town I have never been to, with a whole new group of friends. I am living in less than a week what most people live in a year; it's so much fun, and it feels amazing to change people’s lives in a positive way.

Come see Todd Davis at the 2014 Indianapolis Home Show on Saturday, Feb. 1 and Sunday, Feb. 2!