Feb 6, 2014

Kansas City may be buried in snow right now, but spring is just a couple of months away, making it the perfect time to prepare your home. ALH Home Renovations, LCC will be exhibiting at the Metropolitan Lawn & Garden Show this weekend, Feb. 7-9, 2014, but first, check out a few of their tips to help you along. They also shared advice to aid in renovating, remodeling and selecting the right design professional for your job.

Photo: ALH Home Renovations, LCC
Tell us something unique about your product or business that we wouldn't know.

We pride ourselves on the ALH Process. More specifically, our proposals and customer service. Our itemized proposals are divided up into 28 different categories, ranging from excavating to painting to drywall. This is an educational tool as much as a proposal. The client will know the different parts and pieces that go into a remodeling project, and this attention to detail is carried over to the rest of the project. We are a national customer service award-winning design and remodeling company. We feel that a clear and continuous line of communication between ourselves and the client from initial meeting to completion of project is the key to a successful project.

What trends do you follow?

We do not believe in following trends. Trends come and go. We believe in tailoring our remodeling project to the individual wants and needs of our clients. Although we are aware of design trends, we do not force clients to adhere to them. We advise our clients to make their spaces into what they want, not what is trendy. Because, at the end of the day, our clients are the ones living in the space, not us.

What steps should people take to prepare their homes for spring?

Keep an eye on your roofs to be sure that the snow is melting evenly and location of icicles. A roof with melting or unevenly melting snow may be a sign of inadequate insulation in your attic. Secondly, if you are considering any remodeling or landscaping projects, plan them now while the weather is cold. Proper preparations prior to construction gives you more time to enjoy the finished project in the warmer weather.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when renovating a room?

Make sure you have realistic expectations before starting anything, scope of work, timeline and budget. Consider features you must have, what you can do without and how they impact the bottom line. Also, have an understanding of what you want the finished project to be.

Before you consult a professional, have an understanding of a few things:

What is your design style?
Things you like and don't like?
How is the space currently being used?
How do you want it to be used?

Design professionals can assist you in making these decisions, but having an understanding of what you want prior to consulting a professional will help streamline the design phase of your project. Finally, make all design decision prior to construction. Living in a disturbed space can quickly become stressful, so knowing what is going where before construction helps the project to move quickly and minimize the disruption to your daily life.

Is there anything special that show attendees should look forward to at your booth?

Come check out our 2013 NARI REMY award winning projects!

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