Feb 7, 2014

Kimberly Lacy has been sharing her practical painting and landscaping tips and techniques with a worldwide audience every week as project manager on HGTV's Curb Appeal. Now she's ready to share her best tips with you live at the Johnson County Home & Garden Show Feb. 28 - March 1, 2014.

Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Lacy
If you can't wait to see her in person, check out a few of her tips below. Just make sure you don't get kicked to the curb!

Why should someone stop by and see you at the show?

People should come check me out at the show simply for inspiration. I am going to provide tips, industry insight and information on how to get projects completed that may otherwise be very daunting and therefore a task that the average homeowner won't tackle.

What is the most important trend this year and for spring?

The most important trend in 2014, both for interiors and exteriors, is the use of bold colors and contemporary color palettes.

If someone wanted to make one change to their home or garden this year, what should it be?

Overall cleanliness to the interior and exterior. Clean interior and exterior windows. Clean all cobwebs on the exterior, wash the house down and clean out flower beds.

When planning a new garden space, what is the most important first step?

Actually planning the size of the space you're going to plant and doing research on what plants will work well in your garden or flower beds before taking a shovel and digging any dirt.

Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Lacy
Name five major DIY landscaping or gardening tips that anyone could take advantage of now.

Pull dead or very old plants out of your flower bed, cut back perennials, transplant plants and bulbs to your desired space, lay mulch and sow seeds inside where it's warm and well lit.

Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Lacy
In your opinion, what are the most essential gardening tools?

The most essential gardening tools are faith that your plants are going to grow, loppers, pruners, a pair of gloves and a shovel.

Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Lacy
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