Feb 17, 2014

Water gardening is a fun, creative way to beautify your backyard and create a tranquil oasis just outside your door. If you've ever wanted to learn how to cultivate one of these gorgeous gardens or if you just enjoy the view, don't miss the Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City (WGSGKC)at the Johnson County Home & Garden Show Feb. 28 - March 2, 2014. They'll be sharing some truly stunning water garden displays as well as their best tips for how you can get started.

Photo Courtesy of WGSGKC.
Why should someone stop by and see you at the show?

Our booth is always exciting and fresh. This year, we have collected old instruments and items and made them into yard art and water features. We are also giving people ideas for what you can do with items you already have or can pick up pre-owned. From a simple guitar with just some bright poles to using a piano as a main water attraction, you can see how to do it at our booth!

Photo Courtesy of WGSGKC.
What is the most important trend this year and for spring?

What we are seeing from all the lawn-related sources are bright colors; from bright stools to bright metal art to hang on your fences. We are also seeing a lot of these chickens, ducks and owls. We have even seen fairy chicken coops at many stores. Repurposing items to use in new ways seems to be a big trend. At our booth, you'll see us getting a lot of use out of old instruments and even old iron baby cribs.

Photo Courtesy of WGSGKC.
If someone wants to set up a water garden in their yard, what are the considerations?

The first step is for them to decide if they are doing it themselves or having a contractor do it for them. Secondly, they need to take into consideration what size and type of yard they have. Do they want to have a waterfall and no pond, or a pond made mostly for fish and plants? What are the city regulations on having a pond? Find a club or society and learn from seminars and lectures. A little research on the front end may make your water gardening experience a much better one overall.

What is essential water garden maintenance?

A water garden is an ecosystem. If set up with the right balance of water flow, fish and plants it can be relatively easy to maintain. If set up with too much of one thing (and that one thing could be the sun), you may have a big algae problem. With modern technology, ponds are a lot easier to manage, from using ultraviolet lights to ion-mates or ion-gens that produce small amounts of copper. They both help in controlling algae. When you join WGSGKC, you'll receive a terrific handbook that gives all kinds of troubleshooting hints.

In your opinion, what are the most essential gardening tools?

In water gardening, a good net is going to save you a lot of time. In the autumn when the leaves start to fall, a cover net will keep them out of your water and pumps. This prevents a large fall cleanup to stabilize the water quality. A skimmer net is also nice because it gives you the ability to remove floating debris without having to actually step into your pond.

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