Mar 10, 2014

Relive your childhood dreams and sleep under the stars in a CasaBubble! Check them out at our Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo (March 14 - 16)! These totally transparent huts are one of the first ecotourism living spaces that can be self-sufficient in energy and use bio-air-conditioning.
These bubbles change your natural environment into a living space and can be used in a variety of ways including one of the following rooms! 

  •  Outdoor living room
  • TV room
  • Children’s play room
  • Outdoor office
  • Dome for art exhibit, cocktail parties or other special events
  • Meditation room
  • Spa and massage room
  • Restaurant and hotel
  • Rescue shelter

This eco-design by French designer Stephane Dumas and developer Frederic Richard has an astonishing acoustic effect. Noises outside are muffled and sounds inside bounce back to the center of the sphere so that people instinctively speak more softly. The sphere has a calming effect and generates a feeling of well-being.

For each climate, CasaBubble has a solution! For normal temperature conditions, the bubbles are made in PVC. For country sides where the temperatures are low, the Bubbles are made to stand temperatures as low as -40°F. As for hot temperature areas, the BubbleDrop model is made with a sunblock material that rejects up to 95 percent of the sun intake.
The bubbles are either completely transparent with a 360° panoramic view (CristalBubble), or partly opaque to give the occupants a measure of privacy (BubbleRoom & BubbleDrop).

These inflatable structures have no framework and use a self-adjusting turbine which keeps the structure in shape by light air pressure, renews the air volume, and controls humidity. These dream huts leave mosquitoes, pollen and other allergens outside. The CasaBubble is an ideal outdoor living space and can be equipped with furniture, heaters, and even a shower!

At the NEW Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo, CasaBubble will feature two CristalBubble’s furnished by Levin Furniture, including a comfortable Bernhardt living room set with a taupe/gray color scheme with orange accents and a bedroom from their Chandelier collection featuring a canopy bed. Be sure to stop by to check out these extraordinary bubbles!

MARCH 14-16, 2014