Mar 18, 2014

 You don’t have to live on an expansive piece of property in the country to experience a little piece of the prairie atmosphere. Olthia - Urban Prairie Garden Design wants to give homeowners an alternative to the typical run of the mill landscape and will demonstrate how to make a “pocket prairie garden” at the OKC Home + Outdoor Living Show.  

The pocket prairie garden concept incorporates plants indigenous to the state including native grasses and wildflowers that thrive in Oklahoma’s harsh weather conditions. Prairie gardens are less expensive than a typical landscape design because they start with seeds instead of fully developed plants, grow quickly and require little to no maintenance or watering.

Jamie Csizmadia, owner of Olthia, says you may spend about $100 in seeds and materials for a prairie garden compared to the $2,500 you might spend purchasing more developed gallon-sized plants. And while there isn’t immediate gratification that comes with planting fully developed plants, the native grasses and flowers in a prairie garden develop quickly because they thrive in Oklahoma’s climate, bringing color and texture to your garden in no time!

The plants used in a prairie garden aren’t just aesthetically appealing. Many plants used in a prairie garden encourage pollination like the milkweed which is host to Monarch butterflies. The prairie garden concept is great way to bring us all a little closer to nature.

Fly over to the prairie garden at the OKC Home + Outdoor Living Show to experience winged beauties take flight in the unique and exotic Butterfly House. Visitors can walk through the large clear structure and experience more than 500 butterflies. Enjoy the beautiful creatures as they flutter around you in this amazing feature and learn how to recreate this beautiful landscape in your own backyard. 

MARCH 21-23, 2014