Mar 10, 2014

Wynn Waggoner began her professional creative life in the world of fashion in New York City and later in the Florida Gulf Coast. Her fresh talents of artistic perspective enlarged and reshaped the ideas of what fashion innovation could be. Wynn became a highly sought-after creative artist presenting her theories of fashion design at seminars and fashion shows.

She continues to use her natural abilities of color application and textural design in diverse environments. After moving to Boulder, Colorado, she expanded her innate artistic vision by establishing Wynn Interiors in 2005. At Wynn Interiors, the flow of the creative process brings clients and designer together to reach one harmonious result, while her personality, insight and innovation keep the project enjoyable and stress-free.

Whether redesigning an entire home or creating a special dream room, Wynn gets to the heart of the project and extracts what the newly designed space will mean to her clients. Her enchantments of decor and design continue to surprise. The final outcome of any project always exceeds expectations. The spaces are transformed from the ideas and desires of the clients.

Wynn is the official designer for the Denver Home Show and is excited to reveal the newest design trends for 2014. Don’t miss the opportunity to see and explore a large-scale interior display, which includes a kitchen, bathroom, and the latest home-brew beer bar. 

Come ask your questions to Wynn Waggoner at the Denver Home Show March 14 and 16. Click here for more information.

MARCH 14-16, 2014