Mar 27, 2014


The popular Edible Orlando Cooking Stage is back and bursting with even more fun and flavor!  Top local chefs and media personalities will be showing off their culinary skills, dishing about the latest food trends and demonstrating the best of the season all weekend long at the Central Florida Home & Garden Show. Enjoy mouth-watering samples and meet the folks behind Edible Orlando magazine, dedicated to celebrating Central Florida’s food culture. Click here for a full schedule of next week's stage presentations! 

To prepare you for next week's events, check out the delicious recipe below... 

 Jamaican Jerk Chicken Roll
Recipe courtesy of Larry Eels, Executive Chef of the Hyatt Regency Orlando

Makes 8 slices 
Image via Edible Orlando
14” Flour Tortillas, any flavor 
¾  cup Spicy Black bean paste** 
1/2 Avocado, cut into ¼ ” strips
1 Mango, peeled ripe, cut into strips  ½  each 
1 Red Bell Pepper , roasted, peeled, cut into ¼ ” strips 1 large
Chicken breast or thigh, boneless,
JERK*** marinated and baked, then chilled. 8 oz.       

Spread the spicy black bean paste in a single thin layer over entire tortilla.  On the bottom ½ closest to you, lay a row each of the chicken, peppers, mango and avocado.  Roll over it once and squeeze tightly. Repeat the rows and roll over the filling again and continue rolling until the tortilla is rolled up. Wrap the roll tightly in plastic sealing the ends.

Refrigerate roll. It slices much better cold. Cut on an angle with a sharp, thin knife. Arrange on a long platter or as desired. The rolls may be served with Jerk sauce, Hoisin, or Thai chili sauce, or even Ranch dressing. 

**Cook black turtle beans until tender or use canned black beans, unseasoned, low sodium.  Drain the beans and save some of the liquid on the side.  Puree the beans with some of the bean liquid, some V8 juice, and a squeeze of fresh lime and minced Culantro.  Add a little liquid at a time.  Beans should be a soft, smooth paste. Season the black beans as desired with salt and pepper.

***Use your favorite JERK recipe or purchase a good quality JERK seasoning and follow the instructions provided.

APRIL 4-6, 2014