Mar 17, 2014

We are so excited to have style expert and A Good Chick to Know’s Jennifer Scott present us with the hottest design trends of 2014 at Edmonton Home + Garden Show (March 20-23)!

A fabulous designer herself, Jennifer knows exactly how to make the most out of bringing a designer to your next home improvement project!

When it comes to hiring a designer, some clients might need help from the very beginning, but others might just need help achieving that extra wow factor in the decorating process.

“It really depends on the client and the project,” Jennifer writes. “Some people have every detail worked out to a tee during the reno phase and simply need consulting on ideas when it’s time to pull the whole look together.”

We all know hiring a designer isn't free, but did you know that bringing in a professional might actually save you money?

“Firstly, having a designer on your side can avoid potentially costly mistakes,” Jennifer writes. “Secondly, many shops will be more generous in their pricing with designers that they frequently work with, which could mean reduced pricing on some items for the client.”

A good designer/client relationship is key to a successful project. We all know that anyone can make a showroom look nice, but it takes a good designer to form connections and create spaces that fit each client’s individual tastes.

“Designing should be fun,” Jennifer writes. “Make sure those involved in your design process make you feel good!

Bringing her design expertise to Edmonton all the way from Vancouver, Jennifer is thrilled to get a glimpse of YEG’s design community!

For more expert advice on having a successful relationship with your designer and to learn about the latest in design trends, you can see Jennifer Scott's presentations during the Edmonton Home + Garden Show, March 20 - 23 at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

MARCH 20 - 23