Apr 28, 2014

Spring is in the air! It's time to swap out your winter decor items and liven up your home with some bold colors, fresh paint and floral fabrics.  Take a look at our list below and get started on these easy sunny weather swaps!

8 Home Swaps for Spring

1. Refresh old furniture with a bold new paint color.
Maria Killam #VHDS12 Ultimate Upcycle Challenge Refinished End Table
By Maria Killam 
2. Bring in the flowers! 

3. Paint an accent wall. 

4. Bring indoor furniture outdoors when entertaining. 

5. Create spring-themed containers for indoors and out.

6. Swap your indoor fireplace for an outdoor fire pit.

 7. Paint your kitchen backsplash.

 8. Swap your winter trows and pillows for bolder spring-inspired elements.

What are your tricks for turning your home from winter to spring?