Apr 14, 2014

With Easter spirits in their hearts, our Calgary office recently put their creativity to the test! Armed with a dozen hard-boiled eggs, acrylic paint, hot glue and other craft supplies, the team demonstrated just how easy it is to transform a white egg into a work of art. Take a look at the eggs below; hopefully they'll be egg-xactly what you need to get in on the eggmania this spring! 

Calgary's Easter Eggspiration
Griffy the Giraffe - Casey Defelice
The EGGquestrian - Jessica Bowlby
MickEGGy Mouse - Alison Farrell
Itsa Me! - Jenn Tait
Wizard of Egg - Marty Egli
Coachella Eggli - Kristy Cairns
Bedaggled - Teri Salazar
Boobam The Panda - Micheline Picot

Eggry Bird - Misty Russell

Which one is your favorite? 
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