Jun 5, 2014

Get your lawn healthy & keep it that way!

1. Water in the morning or at night in order to keep moisture from evaporating. 

2. Don't rip your grass, keep your lawnmower blade nice and sharp throughout the season.  

3. When grass is cut it loses more water, mow in the evening to keep grass from drying up.

4. Your lawn needs an inch of water a week to stay healthy, measure this by leaving a measuring cup on your lawn when watering.

5. Adjust your lawnmower so that it does not cut too short.  Grass benefits from it's own shade.

6. Ease up on the fertilizer, too much can burn your grass.

7. Make sure you are using the right grass seeds for the right areas, shady spots may require a different blend.

8. Move furniture around.  When your garden furniture is in the same place too long, the grass underneath it dies. 

9. Weed weekly to keep seeds from spreading.

10. Provide your dog with an area that is grass free so he can urinate without staining your lawn.  This requires some dog training skills too! 

Good luck!