Jul 17, 2014

Interested in low-impact, environmentally responsible ways to make your mark? Look no further than moss graffiti. Also called eco-graffiti or green graffiti, this unique alternative to spray paint is considered a form of guerrilla gardening. Instead of using harsh and damaging chemicals, artists use a paint brush and moss "paint" that grows on its own. You can create an original look and leave the space greener than when you found it! Want to try it for yourself? Check out this guide to creating your own moss graffiti.
We think moss graffiti is an innovative solution to a problem many urban homeowners face. Plus, there’s no end to the ways you can use it to make your home, garden, and community more beautiful. Check out some of the clever green artwork below.

Image via Oliveloaf Design

We’re definitely on board with moss graffiti, but we have to ask: what do you think of this trend? Is this taking the idea of being environmentally conscious too far, or are you excited to get your moss on? Let us know. And, of course, if you’re looking for more inspiration for your home and garden, there’s something for you at any Marketplace Events show.