Jul 23, 2014

Are you an aspiring home and garden star? Do you have a penchant for the latest home design trends and techniques that are rivalled only by those in the industry? You can’t stop blogging, tweeting, pinning, instagramming, or sharing. Your fans and followers go to you for advice and inspiration on their home projects, and you love it. You’re passionate about helping others create their perfect space. You live for all things home and garden, and dream of one day doing it professionally. Are you looking for the next step in your career?

'Cause we’re looking for you!

There are loads of outlets for amateur dancers, singers, and fashion designers looking to make it big – but not so much for home and garden enthusiasts. Well all of that’s about to change! We’re your Simon Cowell, your Christina Aguilera, your Nigel Lythgoe, and your Tim Gunn. Let us help make you a star! We’re searching for the Home + Garden Trendsetter of the Year, one savvy design darling or DIY daredevil, to rule them all.

Click here to enter and show us what you’ve got! One lucky winner will receive a contract/tour prize valued at approximately $30,000! 

What are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to connect with media outlets, vendors, and over a million attendees. Many celebrities credit their success with being in the right place at the right time. We’ve got the right place and the right time, but where are you? The first phase of the contest ends August 14th, 2014 so apply today and get your home + garden career growing! 

To see the complete challenge details and rules please click here.