Jul 14, 2014

Today we’re asking you to choose between the two teenage girl bedrooms pictured below. 

Option A

Featured on Lonny

 Option B

Featured on Lonny

Which would you prefer to stay up all night talking about boys in? Whose door would you love to slam after a rough day at school? Option A’s farmhouse chic or Option B’s classic charm?

Our Choice

We like Option B the best. There’s some creative drama with the juxtaposition of the mixed patterns and clean lines with the rugs, beams, and bed. As well, the throwbacks to childhood fun littered around the room provide a comforting element which we think is sweet. Overall we think this is a lovely space our teenage selves would be happy in.

These gorgeous bedrooms were both professionally designed, but we have to ask: what happens in your home? Do you let your teen have free rein when it comes to their bedroom decor? Or are there certain things, (like black walls), that you’d veto? Let us know who rules the roost below. And remember, for design inspirations for your whole home head to any of our Marketplace Events shows.