Aug 8, 2014

Everyone loves summer – longer days, warmer nights, and more freedom! As this one comes to an end it’s important to make the most of what’s left. With September’s swift approach you better pack in as much summertime fun as you can. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Check out our end of summer bucket list below. Made up of outrageous, hilarious, delicious, perfect-for-summer activities and treats, it’s sure to help you end your summer with a bang!

The List

1. Make your own popsicles

 Image via Buzzfeed

Tasty, simple and creative – what’s not to love? Click here for 33 awesome popsicle recipes. Ranging from boozy to fruity, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

2. Go down a big slip and slide

Image via WikiHow

Slip and slides were one of the most fun toys when we were young, so making your own giant slip and slide looks like an amazing summer project. All you need is a big plastic sheet (available at most hardware stores for about $5), a hose to get everything wet, and some objects to weigh the whole thing down. Click here for a step by step guide to make your own. 

3. Play messy Twister

Image via Tumblr

Making a mess is the quintessential part of most summer activities. Messy Twister is exactly as its name describes: messy Twister. Pour matching paint on top of each colored dot and play!

4. Run through a glow in the dark sprinkler

Image via The Pink Lab

What’s better than running through a sprinkler? Running through a glow in the dark sprinkler! Click here to see how easy it is to make your own.

5. Serve up some honey and cinnamon grilled peaches

The barbecue doesn't have to be exclusively for meat and veggies - get creative with your grilling! How good does that grilled peach look? Click here for the recipe.

This is our end of summer bucket list, so we've got to ask: what's on yours? Is there anything noticeably absent from our list? Tell us how you'll be saying goodbye to summer. And don't be too disappointed that summer's almost over, you know what fall means: fall home shows! Check out the Marketplace Events home shows happening in your area this fall: American shows & Canadian shows.