Aug 29, 2014

It’s hard to believe that football season has officially kicked off with the start of college football. And you know what football season means: tailgating! No tailgate or at-home football party is complete without firing up the grill. But if you’re looking to serve more than traditional brats, we know that some of you love your Gator or whatever animal mascot your alma mater is playing, then you might be in need of some tips from our friend Ty Pennington, a southerner who knows his way around gas, propane and charcoal grills. Check out Ty’s tailgating tips below.

Before you host your next outdoor soiree, here are a few pointers. Hamburgers, hot dogs. These are pretty straightforward grilling. You put them on top of the flame, cook with direct heat, and a few flips later, you got your grub. But if you want to cook thick steaks or a whole fish, use indirect heat. Place your food away from the hottest part of the grill, keep the lid closed, and cook the food longer. This is how traditional barbecue is made – using indirect heat at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. Indirect heat can really make for some juicy and delicious meals. To make sure your meat will be tender, not tough, it’s helpful to have a meat thermometer to check for temperatures. Be sure to stick it in the thickest part of the meat away from the bone. And I’ll let you in on a little grilling secret we southerners know to be true. If you let your seasoned meats warm to room temp before grilling, you’ll definitely get a more flavorful meal.

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