Aug 1, 2014

Today we’re asking you to choose between the bedding below. Do you think Option A is luxurious or excessive? Is Option B simple or boring? The designs below both seem to beg the question: is there really such a thing as too many pillows?

Option A

Image via Lonny

Option B

Image via Lonny

You be the judge. Where would you like to curl up after a long day? How many pillows do you need to get comfortable? 

Our Choice:

Although we would personally have somewhere between two and ten pillows on our bed, when choosing between extremes we prefer Option A. Minimalism can be an intriguing and even compelling design element, but for bedding it can sometimes be harsh. Having several pillows on your bed creates a soft and inviting focal point. It also allows you to play with patterns and textures without committing to wallpaper or an intense paint color. You can add depth without consequence – switching out pillows is one thing; removing wallpaper is an entirely different project.

Actually sleeping with ten pillows might cause you some serious neck pain, so we have to ask: how many pillows are on your bed when you turn in for the night? Do you and your partner always agree about what stays on the bed? Let us know below. And remember, for more bedroom decor advice make sure to check out the Marketplace Events home show nearest you.