Aug 28, 2014

Many home design styles are influenced by popular fashion trends, which means the current prevalence of and appreciation for counter culture is having an impact on our interiors. Translation: hipster homes. Artfully-waxed facial hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and plaid shirts are popularizing eclectic decor. Where many opt to wear clothing reminiscent of the past, similar motifs are expressed in the way homes are being decorated – we’re adopting older styles and making them cool again.

Check out the two vintage bedrooms below and let us know which you prefer: Option A’s casual cottage chic? Or option B’s bold flavor? Where would you love to read Bukowski and listen to music we probably don’t know about?

Option A

Image via Lonny

Option B

Image via Lonny

Our Choice:

While each room has its own merits, we prefer Option B. We find Option A’s antique lighting, bedside table, and portrait make it a bit more dated than we enjoy. It evokes the 1920s where Option B has more of a 1960s feel. The fun colors and bright patterns are balanced by the hardwood floor and white accent pieces. All in all we think it’s a nice mix of modern and classic with some playful touches (we love the faux skin rug)

Funky wallpaper is gaining in popularity, so we have to ask: what do you think of this trend? Are you excited to put a fun pattern on your walls, or do you think this is one revived decor style that should have stayed buried? Let us know below!  

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