Sep 2, 2014

Fall is the time for warm, rich, and cozy colours. From hues of burnt orange and forest green, to golden yellows and rich reds, these season-inspired colours will have you wanting to try something new in your home.

"Living with Colour", Benjamin Moore's Sharon Grech, a regular guest expert on CityTV's Cityline, will be appearing at the upcoming Toronto Fall Home Show.

As an in-house Colour and Design Expert and spokesperson for Benjamin Moore, Sharon Grech has established a reputation as an enthusiastic and knowledgeable authority on all aspects of colour, home fashions, and style trends.


Sharon believes that colour is the most affordable and influential factor to creating harmony in the home. With her lively "hands on approach", Sharon demystifies colour theory, demonstrating how colour can unify any space - inside and out. Enjoy Toronto Show Manager, Tina Holmes' interview with Sharon below as Sharon shares her paint colour ideas, insider tips, and colourful inspirations.

Tina Holmes (Tina): What is your favourite Benjamin Moore paint colour and why?
Sharon Grech (Sharon):
"Hard to choose just one, but currently it is Picnic Basket CSP-730. I painted my new home office a few months ago and just love how it is both fresh and neutral, and transforms throughout the day. At certain times it's a little more green, other moments, a little more blue. Perfect colour to surround myself in!"

Tina: What is your favourite "paint tip"?
Sharon: "Try your paint colour on for "size"...Don't expect it to look the same in your home as it does in a magazine or online or in your best friend's house. Best bet is to buy a sample pot and try it out on your wall at home before committing."

Tina: What's the most common mistake people make when choosing paint colours for their home? How can they avoid it?
"As above - TRY IT ON!!"

Tina: Is there any colour or trend you'd like to see the back of this year?
"I am personally done with pastels now, although I admittedly have enjoyed their fresh appeal for the past few years. I am sure I will still find myself working with a few, but will need to ground them with deeper tones."

Tina: What would you say are the biggest colours; the hottest trends for fall?
"For fall I am seeing an uptick on the saturation level of colours - richer, more complex hues. Greys are sticking around for sure, but feeling cozy for fall in deeper shades, like flint, with a blue undertone or sparrow with a brown undertone."

Walls: Flint AF-560
Aura, Matte

Aura, Matte

Tina: What are your personal mantras?
"'Chacun à son goût' (even though my French is terrible). Everyone has different preferences whether it's for colour or style or wine, and who am I to judge? I am happy to share my knowledge and thoughts and opinions, but love working with clients to help them develop their own styles."

Tina: Where do you get your inspiration?
"I get a lot of my colour inspiration from travel. I travel a lot for work as well as personal, and whether I am in Winnipeg, Milan or Wisconsin, I always stay far from the airport and explore the local sites with my camera. Inspiration pops up in the oddest places."

Tina: What are three things nobody knows about you?
"Hm...I have two amazing kids, I used to be terrified of public speaking, and my hubby and I are 'restoring' a tiny (250 sq. ft.) off-the-grid cabin north of Toronto...and I am actually starting to enjoy spending time there!"

Tina: What is your favourite app on your smartphone or iPad?
"I am a regular Facebook junkie, but am finding myself spending more time with Instagram and regularly post photos to Facebook from it."

See Sharon Grech at the Toronto Fall Home Show, on the Main Stage, Saturday, September 20th at 1pm. Sharon's presentation features inspirational room shots and her perfect paint colours for your home! And remember, grab your tickets to the show online now to get the best deal. We can't wait to see you there!

Special thanks to Toronto Show Manager, Tina Holmes, a.k.a. @TinaLovesPinot for helping us get the inside scoop on Sharon.

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