Sep 17, 2014

For most, home improvement projects are rooted somewhere in between dreams, budgets, and practicality. Homeowners responsibly create rooms they love. But what if money, space, and time weren't a factor? The renovations you decide to undertake might become very lavish. You may find yourself putting extravagant, luxurious, over-the-top items and features in your home and garden. Need some inspiration for this fantasy? Check out these seven amazing but ridiculous things for your property.

1. Hammock Floor - Great for sitting, napping, and hanging out, the hammock floor is a must-have when you could have it all.

2. Swimming Pool Movie Theater - The swimming pool movie theater is two luxury features in one - what could be better?

Image via Ebaumsworld

3. Secret Room - Inspired by Batman and Harry Potter, every child has dreamed of having a secret room in their home. Make the fantasy come true!

Ok, we'd probably try and do this even if we did have some pretty severe budget and space limitations!

4. Staircase Slide - Why walk down the stairs when you can slide down the stairs? Think of all the time you'll save!

Image via Yahoo News

5. Swimming Pool Balcony - The awesomeness of the swimming pool balcony is pretty self-explanatory.

Image via My Modern Met

6. Clear Bathtub - For some reason, when things that aren't normally see-through are see-through (especially when they contain water) they are 50 times cooler.

Image via Imgur

7. Green Roof - Imagine all the activities you could do up there! Golf, picnics, star gazing, the list is endless.

Image via Ecofriend

These are some pretty outrageous home improvement projects, so we have to ask: if you didn't have any constraints, would you actually try any of the upgrades we listed? Or is there a different project you'd undertake?

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