Sep 10, 2014

A recent trends that's been gaining popularity is having a loud front door - and no, we're not talking about your doorbell volume. Painting your door a non-traditional color is becoming more and more commonplace. Rich tones like eggplant and ox blood were easy to adopt, but now homeowners are attempting more vibrant colors like chartreuse and magenta.

Check out the painted doors below and let us know which one you'd prefer. Would you dare to try Option A's sunny hue? Or would you feel more comfortable with Option B's purple perfection? Which choice makes you yell shut the front door (so I can look at it)?

Option A

Image via Bob Villa

Option B

Our Choice:

Although we really like both doors, we prefer Option A. The yellow complements the white trim and antique lantern, and isn't too flashy. The plants surrounding the door are also a very playful accent. This seems like a lovely door to kiss goodnight in front of or to lock up every morning on your way to work.

You probably have a few colorful front doors in your neighborhood, so we have to ask: what color is your door? Have you thought about painting it recently? Is there a color that you absolutely would not paint your door? Let us know below. And of course, for  more home design tips and inspiration make sure to head to the Marketplace Events home show nearest you - US Shows and Canadian Shows.