Sep 4, 2014

Whether you’re a serious photographer or a simple iPhone snapper, the pictures you take help to tell the story of your life. Photography used to be just for professionals, but it’s become more and more accessible. From Polaroids to Instagram, there have been a lot of advancements to make it so you can take a photo and share it in seconds.

Image via Etsy

Since almost every phone has a camera, we take a lot more pictures than previous generations. We don’t have piles of disorganized Polaroids in the closet anymore; instead, we’ve got an abstract collection of images in the cloud. How can we keep them manageable, viewed on more than just Facebook, and part of our everyday lives? The one and only, Ty Pennington, has some great tips to help organize our pictures, create art with our memories, and keep our shots for years to come.

“I use tools everyday on the job, but along with my hammer and drill, the one tool you’ll always find me on is my camera. I love taking pictures of friends and family, but also of textures and patterns and anything that strikes me as cool, beautiful or unusual. With today’s digital cameras, it’s easier than ever to snap and save. But here are a couple of things for all you shutterbugs to remember. The next time you download pictures from your camera to the computer, take the time to go through and give each shot a title. It’ll be worth it when you’re trying to find that one great picture six months later. Next, organize photos using the software that came with your camera or check the web. Online, you’ll find photo-editing software, free photo-storing services, plus art-design software that will turn up copies of all your photos. This is a good idea, even if you use one of those storage services on the internet. Whatever you do, don’t depend on the hard drive of your computer to be the only place you keep your precious memories.”

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