Oct 29, 2014

Marketplace Events Exhibit Sales Consultant, Katelyn Grimm's entry in our Autumn Craft Challenge is getting a lot of attention. It's already received over 30 votes! Do you love Katelyn's craft? Find out how to make your own. Katelyn gave us the inside scoop on how she completed her project. Try it for yourself and make the perfect porch decoration for fall.

What you'll need:
1 Large pumpkin
1 Medium pumpkin
1 Small pumpkin
Handful of fake leaves/fall flowers
Fall colored ribbon
Holiday lights

1 Glue gun
1 Philips screwdriver
1 Sharp serrated knife
1 Strong spoon (for scooping out seeds)

Now that you have everything, it's time to get started making your porch festive for fall. To help keep things simple and organized the directions below are broken up by pumpkin.

Biggest Pumpkin (Pumpkin #1)

Step 1. Carve out a lid so that the medium pumpkin can "sit" in the hole without falling through.
Step 2. Scoop out all the seeds.
Step 3. Cut a 1x1 square in the middle of the pumpkin (we will refer to this as the "backdoor").

Step 4. Poke holes using your screwdriver on the opposite side of your pumpkin's "backdoor".
Step 5. Take the plug end of the lights and feed it from the inside of the pumpkin through the "backdoor".
Step 6. Take the individual lights and poke them through the holes you made, so they can shine on outside of the pumpkin.

Medium Pumpkin (Pumpkin #2)

Katelyn chose to use a different colored pumpkin in her decoration, but feel free to use a regular orange one.

Step 1. This is where you'll use your glue gun (there's no carving required for this pumpkin). Decorate the pumpkin with ribbon in whatever fashion you'd like. Katelyn did lines, but you could try black felt polka dots.

Smallest Pumpkin (Pumpkin #3)

Step 1. Carve out a lid.
Step 2. Scoop out all the seeds.
Step 3. On the bottom carve a 1x1 square - this is for the stem from pumpkin #2 to fit into and connect the pumpkins.
Step 4. Place bouquet of fake flower/leaves in the top like a vase.

Assembling the Finished Product

Step 1. Take pumpkin #2 and sit it on top of pumpkin #1.
Step 2. Take pumpkin #3 and place it on the stem of pumpkin #2.
Step 3. Take the rest of the fake leaves and tuck them in and around where the pumpkins meet.
Step 4. If you have extra holiday lights, feed them out of pumpkin #1's "backdoor" and loop around where you tucked the leaves.
Step 5. Plug in and place on your porch.

Katelyn made this craft as part of the Marketplace Events Autumn Craft Challenge. To see other entries and vote for your favorite visit our Facebook page. For more fall project inspiration, visit our Pinterest page and make sure to share your creations with us on Twitter (@HomeShows) using #MPEautumn.