Oct 17, 2014

Hosting a Halloween party? You might have your decorations and costume figured out, but what about your menu? We know you’re probably not hosting a haunted dinner party, but most get-togethers do require some snacks for munching. If you’re tired of the old peeled grapes for eyeballs, overcooked spaghetti for witch hair, and literal lady fingers, but aren’t sure what to serve, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. We’ve compiled a great list of treats for you to try at your Halloween hootenanny, check it out below. 

1. Mini donut spiders - Seriously adorable with very little prep time!

2. Hot dog mummies - So cute and something every little one will enjoy!

3. Melting witch pudding cups - OK, these are a little more complex, but they`re so creative and the finished product looks so fun.

Image via Pillsbury

4. Watermelon brain - The perfect mix of creepy and healthy!

Image via Boing Boing

5. Mini broomsticks - All you need to make these are three ingredients and a microwave; that's our kind of baking!

Image via Hersheys

6. Rice Krispies pumpkins - Seasonal, tasty and gluten free!

Image via 365ishPins

7. Skeleton cookies - How sweet a these little bone daddies?

Image via Betty Crocker

8. Candy corn Jell-o shots - Sure to make any 21-year-old squeal with excitement!

Image via A Beautiful Mess

9. Mummy bake brie - You have to follow candy corn Jell-o shots with something classy so we chose this, sophisticated and delicious.

Image via Babble

10. Graveyard salsa - You can make your own salsa or just go store-bought, we won't judge.

Image via Chickabug

If you’re having a Halloween party this year but aren’t set on your decor, check out our list of Spooktacular Decorations and get inspired. Halloween is coming up soon, so we’ve got to ask: are you dressing up this year? What are you and your family going to be? Let us know below!