Oct 27, 2014

Decorating for a Halloween party? Set a sophisticated yet playful stage with these decor tips from Cory Christopher. Cory is an Edmonton designer, Creative Director/Owner of Cory Christopher, and a philanthropist. He shared his top three Halloween tips with us. Check them out below and you'll be sure to dazzle your guests.

Halloween Tips

1. Scavenge the house and yard - Finding Halloween goodies doesn't mean running out to the nearest shopping mall. Rummage around the house and you're bound to find some haunting gems. Broken plates, dead branches, and lint from the dryer can be great additions to any outdoor Halloween scene.
HINT: Dyer lint spray painted can easily mimic moth balls.

2. Painted pumpkins - Tired of carving pumpkins? Did your last attempt land you in the emergency room? Ditch the knife and grab a can of spray paint, any Halloween colour will do. Paint several different sized pumpkins to create a pumpkin patch at your doorstep.
HINT: For metallic purple pumpkins first cover with flat purple paint and finish with metallic.

3. Set the scene - Consider creating a witches tea or outdoor dining experience. An old rustic table and a couple of chairs provide the perfect foundation to wow trick-or-treaters on your porch.
HINT: Spider webbing can easily transform a beautiful table into a ghoulish one.

Looking for more inspiration? Connect with Cory on Twitter (@artdesignliving), on Instagram (@corychristopher) or visit his website. And for more festive fun make sure to check out our articles on Halloween decorations, snacks, and crafts.