Oct 2, 2014

Drew Levin and Danny Perkins are the energetic and talented duo behind HGTV’s Renovate to Rent— the popular show that follows Drew and Danny as they buy old or foreclosed homes, completely renovate them, and then rent them out for top dollar. As a real estate agent, Drew understands the ins and outs of buying and selling homes, and Danny, a skillful general contractor, revives worn out spaces to put back in the market. After the two became friends while attending the University of Florida, they quickly recognized their shared goals and complementing talents, which eventually turned into a successful business plan.

We're thrilled to have Drew and Danny joining us at the Deseret News Home Show, October 10-12 at the South Towne Expo Center. They'll be gracing the Design Stage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to share expert advice on the smartest ways to shop for a property and helpful tips when renovating a home, as well as stories about their ridiculous behind-the-scenes antics. But before you see them at the show, get to know this dynamic duo below.

Five Questions for Drew and Danny 

Marketplace Events (MPE): What makes you two a great team when it comes to your business?
  • Renovate to Rent (RR): "There are several reasons we make a great team. First and foremost, both of us are incredibly competitive. The competitiveness cultivates a motivating and dependable work environment. Secondly, our goals and priorities are always aligned, and we don’t allow our egos to get in the way of accomplishing those goals. Finally, we have a very different skill set - I am more of a visionary, and Danny is more of an operator. While I am thinking about what’s next, Danny is making sure everything is taken care of within the business today."
MPE: What is the best part of the home renovation process?
  • RR: "It’s hard to pinpoint just one part of the home renovation process that we can call the best. However, the planning stage always comes to mind. It’s very fun to be able to let the creative juices flow and come up with the best plan for each new property. That being said, a close second would, of course, be the finished product. It’s such a great feeling to see your ideas come to reality and the reactions of those who get to live in those spaces."
MPE: Drew - What is one piece of advice you would give someone searching for a home to rent or buy?
  • RR: "When searching for a home, it is incredibly important to have a clear vision of what you want. I can’t tell you how many people lack clarity when looking for a property to buy. In my opinion, logic is much greater than emotion. Try not to allow emotion to cloud your decision making process."
MPE: Danny - What is one piece of advice you would give a homeowner who wants to renovate?
  • RR: "The best piece of advice during the renovation process is to pick the right contractor. It takes teamwork and communication from both you and the contractor, so hiring someone you trust will make all the difference. It’s especially important that there is full transparency during the process. We often recommend homeowners get an itemized budget from their contractors to see exactly where their money is being spent."
MPE: What is one bit of information you would like the Home Show audience to walk away with after your presentation?
  • RR: "We would love to see people feel like they have a better approach to purchasing real estate and a better idea of how to work with a contractor when remodeling their homes."
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