Oct 15, 2014

Join Mary Edwards, Founder of Couponers United, at the Orlando Home Show to learn how to save 90% on your groceries without spending 90% of your time clipping coupons. Don’t believe that’s possible? Think couponing isn’t worth your time? Think again. Mary debunked the top five couponing myths below. Check them out, then check out Mary’s presentation at the show.

1. Using coupons means you are cheap.  
FALSE: Using coupons is not cheap, it is smart. Everyone has a different goal when using coupons. Some use them to save money for a family vacation. Some couponers are saving for college funds. Others coupon to make ends meet. 

2. Coupons are only for junk food and processed food.
FALSE: While there are a lot of coupons for snacks, frozen foods, soda, and other processed foods, there are coupons for healthy foods as well. We have to look a little harder for produce, dairy, meat, and bread coupons, but they are available. While shopping, keep an eye out for coupons stuck on the products. Email companies directly for harder to find coupons. And don't forget all the great coupons for non-food items. We can save on paper products, cleaning products, toiletries, and more. 

3. Couponing takes too much time. 
To be a successful couponer, you only need a few hours a week. Think about this. If you save $100 at the grocery store, and you spent two hours preparing for your trip, you just made $50 an hour! 

4. It's cheaper to buy generic brands
FALSE: This is not usually the case. Once you pair a coupon with a sale, you will save significantly more than paying full price for the generic brands. 

5. Couponers have 500 bottles of ketchup hiding in their cabinets. 
This could not be further from the truth. Every person that uses a coupon is not an "extreme" couponer. Most couponers use coupons to save 20-50% on their shopping trips. 

The Orlando Home Show takes over the Orange County Convention Center on October 24-26, 2014. Mary will be gracing the Fresh Ideas Stage on Friday and Saturday to teach guests how to keep their pantries stocked for less. 

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