Oct 6, 2014

We are thrilled to have Metrie joining us for the Vancouver Home + Design Show, October 12-19, 2014 at BC Place. Here's an inside scoop on what's happening at Metrie and what to expect from them at the show.

1. What are your featured products this season?

We are featuring our Then & Now Finishing Collections - the first line of professionally designed and perfectly coordinated interior finishings in North America. Inspired by different home decor styles, the Collections consist of moulding, trim, and interior doors, sized and proportioned to fit together with precision.

These Collections take the guesswork out of the moulding and trim selection process, and provide a solution that helps homeowners, builders, and interior designers achieve a professional, custom look without the expense of obtaining custom millwork. Simply find a Metrie Collection that matches your style, choose the desired trim elements, and select your interior doors.

2. What can we look forward to from you at the show?

You'll have the chance to see how using the right moulding and interior door combinations can really have an impact on a space. We are the sponsor for the Main Stage at the show and took the opportunity to "set the stage" with our Very Square Finishing Collection, featuring our Scene II casing, crown, chair rail, architrave, baseboard, and our new 4-Panel interior door. So be sure to stop by and check out the activity and decor at the Metrie Main Stage!

3. What home design and decor trends are you anticipating for 2015?

Designers and homeowners are looking for a more harmonized look that flows from room to room, and are using coordinated interior doors and trim to achieve that. They also aren't leaving trim choices up to the builder or contractor anymore. Finding more economical ways to create the tone for your vision is always in style, which is another reason why coordinated trim and interior doors are more popular. So selecting the right trimwork and then staining and painting it according to trendy colours, like the ombre graduated colour-scheme or the rose-gold that's hot now will continue into next year.

4. What inspires your products?

In a word? Trends. Our professional designers spend time searching for trends in home decor and even fashion to translate the most beautiful details of those trends into our products. They also incorporate these elements in a way that will keep these mouldings and interior doors looking modern. Unlike the moulding you see on the shelf at a retail store today, (or in most homes), the Metrie Then & Now Finishing Collections were designed to accentuate your decor whether you decide you want a look that's modern, traditional, country, or shabby chic.

5. What is your favourite part of the show?

Since the Vancouver Home + Design Show is like Christmas for design enthusiasts, we love visiting each exhibitor. This year, we are also excited to watch Canada's most talented design and home improvement experts share advice and help solve anything from small design questions for full-on disasters on the Metrie Main Stage.

6. What advice would you give homeowners?

We recommend interior finishings (like moulding and trimwork) be incorporated early into design plans as a way to save money and improve flow in spaces. These architectural elements have so much power in establishing the tone and feel you want in a room, so you don't have to rely on expensive furniture, art, new flooring, or renovations for the same impact. With different applications and paints, trimwork in the home can be updated to reflect changing tastes and trends, really giving rooms a professionally designed, finished feel. Many of the most famous rooms in the world owe their character and charm to the moulding and trim.

7. What is your creative process like?

Our team of designers look at architectural styles and home decor design trends throughout North America and the world before experimenting and looking for ways to apply these elements into offerings that are both timeless and modern. Our wood experts also collaborate by lending their expertise on the beauty and possibilities of designing in natural wood for our Scene III lines, and how best to highlight the natural beauty of different wood grains and species in your home.

Don't miss out on Metrie's fine features and the excitement of the Metrie Main Stage. Grab your tickets to the Vancouver Home + Design Show today.