Oct 14, 2014

Although most people are of the opinion that only teenage girls spend a lot of time in the bathroom, when you think about it, we all do. It’s one of the first rooms we visit when we wake up, and the last we see before we go to bed. It’s where we give ourselves pep talks, sing our hearts out, and unwind when the world has been especially cruel. We do our bathing, shaving, makeup, hair, and more in there. So it makes sense that it’s one of the spaces that homeowners most commonly renovate. People want to feel comfortable in their bathrooms. But what appeals to one person might not necessarily work for another.

Of the choices below, which do you think is the more luxurious bathroom? Do you like Option A’s spa-inspired scarsity? Or do you prefer Option B’s more practical aesthetic? 

Option A

Image via Van Wanrooij

Option B

Image via The Style Files

Our Choice:

This “this or that” ultimately boils down to the age old battle between function and fashion. Both bathrooms are very nice, but Option A is truly a work of art. We love everything in this gorgeous bathroom, but we can’t help noticing what’s missing: storage. There’s a lovely soaker tub and a serene standing shower, but there’s no place to put your stuff. Option B may be smaller and less impressive, but it’s far more practical. For us, when it comes to the bathroom we definitely choose function – we’ll always make it as fashionable as possible, but there’s got to be space for all our stuff or it’s not the right bathroom design for us.

Our choice was based on need – we’ve got to have lots of storage in our bathroom. Aside from the essentials, what do you absolutely have to have in your bathroom? What would your dream bathroom be like? Let us know below!