Oct 1, 2014

October is here and you know what that means: the countdown to Halloween is on! It's time to get your carving knife out, hang your cobwebs, and do the Monster Mash. Halloween is a favorite holiday of many. There's candy, parties, and costumes - what's not to love?

Although it's enjoyed by most, Halloween does tend to mean different things to different people. Some appreciate the frivolity of dressing up, while others focus on the holiday's spooky origins. Which do you prefer? Would you rather have an adorable pumpkin like Option A's caterpillar-inspired creation? Or does Option B's scary sentiment speak volumes to you? Which jack-o-lantern would you want to greet your visitors?

Option A

Option B

Image via This Old House

Our Choice:

We can easily appreciate the hard work that went into Option B. It has many layers, is well painted, and definitely achieves the frightening effect it was going for. That being said, it's just a bit too scary for us. Although Halloween is a holiday that people of all ages enjoy, many of the knocks your door receives on the 31st will be from youngsters. Terrifying trick-or-treaters isn't in our repertoire, so we're choosing Option A. It's sweet, original, and fun for the whole family.

Since Halloween is fast approaching, we've got to ask: are you a fan of the cute or the scary? Will your night feature Charlie Brown or Michael Meyers? Will you suffer a candy coma or have some nightmares? Let us know below!

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