Nov 26, 2014

Retailers all over North America are having their biggest sales of the year this weekend. Although many stores are generously staying closed for Thanksgiving Day itself, this positive shift in priorities is not expected to take away from the madness that is Black Friday. If you’re planning on hitting the sales with the best of them, then you’ve got to be prepared – and no, we’re not just talking about wearing comfortable shoes. Shopping in that kind of environment with such a high volume of eager consumers requires some serious stamina and dedication. You’ve got to be ready to run, jump, and stand for hours on end. To help keep you in top physical and festive shape for tomorrow, we’ve got a list of holiday smoothies for you to try. Get your blend on first thing tomorrow and enjoy these seasonal, healthy beverages that are sure to help keep you going from morning to night.

1. Sugar Cookie Protein Shake - You'll be glad you had this smoothie when you see a pair of shoes at 40% off that you've got to have...and they're the last ones on the shelf!

Image via Complete Recipes (provided by DolceLover)

2. Dairy-Free Eggnog Protein Shake - Have a dairy allergy? We've got you covered. Get the protein you need without feeling sick.

3. Pumpkin Nog - This beverage is less of a meal replacer, but it's very tasty and full of fiber and vitamin A.

Image via The Green Forks

4. Cranberry & Rosemary Juice - Getting up really early in the morning (way earlier than you're used to) and drinking something viscous doesn't agree with everyone. And that's ok. So we included this delicious and powerful cranberry juice. Chalk full of vitamin C and antioxidants it'll keep you going all day.

Vegan & Gluten-Free

5. Peppermint Hot Chocolate - Although this is more a treat and less of a smoothie, it is vegan and gluten-free so we thought it was a good idea to keep it on the list. Make a batch early in the morning, throw it in a thermos, and take it to go. We think it'd be perfect for a late afternoon pick-me-up as the day begins to wear on you.

Image via Minimalist Baker
Vegan & Gluten-Free

6. Gingerbread Smoothie - Loads of vitamins, vegetables, and protein. Tastes just like a cookie. What an amazing way to start a day of holiday shopping!

Image via F For The Family
Vegan Modifications Available

If you're getting up early for Black Friday shopping, we've got to ask: how early is early? Who are you buying for? Will you get the majority of your gifts at these sales? Let us know below!