Nov 7, 2014

It’s November, which means that pumpkin you carved a few weeks ago for Halloween is starting to stink. Now it might not have fully collapsed in on itself like ours did, but we’d be surprised if it wasn’t already fairly rotten. You know what you have to do. You may have gotten attached because you did carve it and all, but it’s time to get rid of your pumpkin. However, in doing this you’re opening up a whole new can of worms: what should take its place? For most of us it’s too early to put up the holiday decorations – that comes after Thanksgiving. So how do you transition away from Halloween without going full blown winter wonderland? Consider our ideas below for late fall decorations. These seasonal pieces should have your decor covered until turkey day.

Pine Cone Garland - You don't necessarily need a mantle to decorate with these guys. We love the idea of hanging them around a door frame or banister.

Monogrammed Wreath - The rich colors in this wreath are beautiful and luxurious, plus the monogram adds a personal and welcoming touch.

Fall Doormat - Try getting a burlap or plain doormat and jazzing it up. You could do a leaf print like they did here or a turkey one for Thanksgiving.

Image via Life Is A Party

Glittery Leaves - All that glitters isn't gold, but we think these leaves look great. Hang them inside or out.

Wooden Tags - Don't want to hang a wreath? We think these creative tags are a very original replacement for the traditional door decoration. And we love the message!

Image via that's my letter

We hope these ideas help you to fill the gap between Halloween and the holiday season. If you already have post-Halloween decorations up we've got to ask: what are they? How do you celebrate the end of fall? Let us know!