Nov 14, 2014

With November in full swing there’s one thing on the minds of Americans: turkey. There are just a few short weeks until Thanksgiving – are you ready? You might have your menu planned, your shopping list written, and your guests RSVP’d, but we doubt your table’s set. Finding the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner can be a tricky task. There are a lot of requirements to fill: size, style, and more.

Of the choices below, which would you seat friends and family around? Does one feel more festive than the other? Do you prefer Option A’s colorful theme? Or are you more partial to Option B’s simplicity? Which one makes you want to say all the things you’re thankful for?

Option A

Image via SAS Interiors

Option B

Our Choice:

Although both centerpieces are beautiful, (you really can’t make a wrong choice in our opinion), we prefer Option A. One of the best things about fall is the colors. While there’s much to be said about subtlety, it’s hard to deny the rich reds, oranges, and greens featured in Option A.

Which would you rather have? What will your Thanksgiving table look like? Are you big on place settings or is the food really the main event? Let us know below!