Dec 5, 2014

Feeling a little underwhelmed by your usual outdoor holiday decor? We've got just what you need: five DIY decorations to light up your home this season. Check out these unique creations and get ready for your house to be the talk of the neighborhood.

1. Bird Seed Decorations - These little guys will add some pizzazz to your trees, and the birds they attract will help decorate your yard with their bright colors and sweet songs.

Image via Saltwater-Kids

2. Giant Ornaments - These novelty bulbs are a fun and festive way to supersize your outdoor look.

Image via Hallmark Channel

3. Light Up Snowmen - This project is sure to delight your little ones! They can completely customize their snowpeople, and the finished product is a great way to light up your walkway.

Image via Design Dazzle

4. Through The Roof Christmas Tree - What an adorable idea! The Griswolds would be jealous.

Image via My Life And Kids

5. Joy Door Decor Wreath - Spread the joy this season with this neat alternative to the standard holiday wreath.

With Christmas coming up fast, we've got to ask: are your holiday decorations up? There's usually at least one house on the block that goes all out - is it yours? Or are you more subtle? Let us know below.