Dec 10, 2014

Christmas ornaments and balls are usually reserved for the Christmas tree and garland, but do they have to be? If you've got extra ornaments this year and don't know what do to with them, Stephanie Holoien Parks from Addison Grace Design has you covered. Expand your Christmas decorating horizon and explore three great ways to decorate with Christmas ornaments.

1. A new meaning to hanging your ornaments - Group your ornaments and hang them from the ceiling or chandelier for an extra festive glow. Grouping different sizes, shapes, and colours gives your Christmas cluster texture and definition. Once you have formed your cluster of Christmas ornaments you can hang them in a variety of place to accent different areas in your home. Windows, coffered ceilings, and dining room lights are great ways to accent your home for Christmas. Looking for something a little simpler? Attach a ribbon to a single ornament for a graceful accent to your holiday space.

Image via Cuckoo 4 Design

2. Showcasing ornaments in decorative accessories - Placing Christmas ornaments in larger glass urns and other decorative platters and bowls is a great way to showcase the Christmas spirit in any room of your home. Don't be afraid to mix up the ornaments with other accessories such as greeneries, berries, pine cones, feathers, candles, etc. This is a great and versatile way to amp up your Christmas!

Image via Midwest Living

3. Ornament tree or topiary - Grab your glue gun and a Styrofoam circle or cone and adhere your classic Christmas ball ornaments to create a fantastic, festive little number. Size, shape, and colour combinations are endless. Embrace the glitz and glam of your ornaments; let your creative side loose! Want to step it up a notch? Make a set of three or five ornament trees in varying sizes to create a focal point.

We hope the ideas above help you to get creative with your decorations and deck your halls in unique and wonderful ways this year.