Dec 19, 2014

It may be a recent addition to your home or it may have been a fixture for a few weeks, but whatever the case, it’s likely that you’ve got your Christmas tree up by now. This festive decor is one of the best parts of the season, and not just because you’ll find presents under it come December 25th. The smell, the lights, the ornaments, it’s such a magical symbol of the holidays - from the massive one outside Rockefeller Center to the one inside your living room.

Of the choices below, which Christmas tree is more like the one you’ve got at home? Is yours color-coordinated with evenly spaced ornaments like Option A? Or is it more reminiscent of Option B with its mismatched, clearly homemade decorations? Which tree do you prefer?

Option A

Image via Shanty 2 Chic

Option B

Image via Arborhouse Lane

Our Choice:

We can absolutely appreciate Option A’s splendour. This beautiful burlap creation feels very rustic chic and romantic. However, we have to choose Option B. Option A is lovely, but Option B is a lot more like the tree we have at home. Some of the most cherished ornaments on our tree are the imperfect ones, the ones that aren’t part of any theme, the ones that are actually kind of ugly because they were made by a five-year-old. Tell us about your tree below or share a picture with us on
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