Jan 8, 2015

James Young is a licensed contractor and electrician and the host of the DIY Network series, I Hate My Kitchen. He's hardcore when it comes to home improvement. He has remodeled a number of homes and kitchens, including both large-scale commercial and residential projects. James will be with us at the Salt Lake Home Show, January 9-11, at the South Towne Expo Center. But before you see him at the show, get to know him a little better in our interview below.

Marketplace Events (MPE): Have you always been interested in the home remodeling process?
  • James Young (James): "I started getting involved with home remodeling when I got ready to sell my first house. I realized that the only way I was going to make any profit or just get out even was to fix it up myself. I really enjoyed it and sold it myself. That whole process led me to become a Realtor and start working in the industry."
MPE: How did you decide to become a licensed electrician?
  • James: "I took every electrical tech course available in high school and then went into the Army as an Electronic Communications Specialist. Upon completing my time in the service I was accepted into the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers where I completed a 5-year apprenticeship program and received my license."
MPE: How would you describe I Hate My Kitchen?
  • James: "I would describe my show as a rags to riches type show. Real people who really hate their kitchens and just dream of change. I get the opportunity to come in and a lot of times take the kitchen down to the studs and make their dreams come true - on a budget. It's a dream come true for the homeowners and the audience gets to see all the new trends and tricks of the trades to use on their homes."
MPE: What was your favorite project on the show?
  • James: "One of my favorite projects on the show was helping a couple that ran a non-profit from their home and cooked for multitudes of people from homeless to youth in need. The transformation allowed her to be more efficient in helping people. But, after eight seasons, I can say every show is my favorite because the smiles and all the tears of happiness in the end make it all worth it."
MPE: What will you be talking about at the Salt Lake Home Show?
  • James: "In Salt Lake City I will be discussing what I call the "5 W's of Planning Your Kitchen Renovation". It's an overview of how to start and finish your project and have a big smile when it's all done.
Sounds like you can't afford to miss James Young at the Salt Lake Home Show! The show is running from January 9-11 at the South Towne Expo Center. Get tickets on Facebook now and save! Buy 2-for-1 tickets when you visit our Ticket Deals page!