Jan 5, 2015

The Edmonton Renovation Show and BC Home + Garden Show are just around the corner, and we are so thrilled to have Bryan Baeumler attending this year! You may recognize him from HGTV’s hit show Leave it to Bryan.

Taking on a renovation project can be stressful enough, let alone in the New Year after all the holiday hustle and bustle. A key issue to think about in 2015 is how to tackle a big project on a tight post-holiday budget. Where do you begin? An expert himself, Bryan let us in on a few tips on how to start your reno right without breaking the bank.

1. Know Your Budget - “You need to have everything budgeted and planned first. That’s definitely the first step.”

You may be eager to break ground on your home improvement project, but Bryan cautions homeowners to put down the sledgehammer and come up with a solid budget and a list of priorities before getting down to business.

2. Know When to Bring in Professional Help - “I normally say if you’re standing in one spot, staring at one thing, scratching your head with no idea what to do, it’s probably a good idea to explore the possibility of hiring someone to help you out.”

Bryan says that hiring a builder might actually help your budget, as a professional will know where to start and how to do things properly. Bringing in help could mean avoiding costly D.I.Y. renovation mistakes.

3. Know Where to Focus - “Generally what I recommend is spending your budget on the most permanent thing. You want to prioritize the bigger jobs that are going to last longer.”

One of the most important factors to consider, according to Bryan, is which job is going to benefit your space the most. Things like flooring and cabinets should take priority over more decorative assets like backsplashes and appliances.

Bryan will be sharing more helpful tips and tricks on the Main Stage at the Edmonton Renovation Show and the BC Home +Garden Show! Be sure to check out his presentation and have all of your renovation questions answered. Remember to buy your show tickets early to get the best prices - right now you can get two tickets for the price of one with our Facebook promotion. Visit our Facebook page to learn more!