Jan 30, 2015

The sporting event of the year is just a few days away - are you ready for kick off? Super Bowl XLIX is this Sunday and whether you're rooting for Seattle or New England, it's sure to be an exciting day. If yours is one of the many households throwing a Super Bowl party, we've got just what you need: a list of super fun snacks to serve during the game. Don't fumble with your menu; the treats below are sure to win big!

1. Footbowl - Jazz up your classic chips and dip by turning your dip bowl into a footbowl! Not only does it fit nicely with the theme of your get together, you can also eat the bowl (fewer dishes to do, more food to eat!).

Image via Tablespoon

2. Super Strawberries - How cute are these little guys! Fun and healthy, a great combination!

Image via My Mommy Style

3. Oreo Football Helmets - Sweet, salty, and safe, this is one great snack! Put your favorite players' numbers and team colors to get even more creative.

Image via Foodie

4. Fruitbowl Helmet - Not every Super Bowl snack has to be high in calories. If you're sticking to your New Year's resolution to eat healthier (good for you!) try making this fruit helmet. Great taste, totally on theme, and no guilt - that's win, win, win.

5. Snack Stadium - Ok, this one is gigantic, but you can use this general idea to create your own. It's such a fun concept and lets you mix in lots of different munching options. We're sure it'll be a real crowd pleaser!

Image via BuzzFeed

With the Super Bowl this Sunday we've got to ask: are you a big football fan? Or is your favorite part of the game the halftime show? Let us know below and have a super Sunday!