Jan 13, 2015

Even gardening enthusiasts can fall into the trap of common gardening myths, which can make even the most well-intentioned gardening efforts counterproductive. Don Engebretson, The Renegade Gardener™, is a popular speaker and nationally recognized authority on gardening and landscape design. Don shares his top 3 gardening myths below. 

1. Shredded Wood Mulch Attracts Termites & Carpenter Ants - Myth.
Carpenter ants don’t eat wood, a simple fact that surprises many (do carpenters eat wood?). Carpenter ants can bore through solid wood, however, and do so for the sole purpose of building a nest. They will nest in live and dead trees and fresh or rotting logs and stumps. And since a telephone pole, fence or porch post or the wood frame of your house look and act a lot like dead trees to them, they will sometimes build their nests in these man-made structures.

2. Weed Barrier Fabric Is Good To Install Because You Won't Have Any Weeds - Myth.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Few products foisted on homeowners by landscapers and the gardening industry are as worthless as weed barrier fabric. The barrier can mask the weeds growing underneath, but eventually, the weeds make their way through.

3. Organic Gardening Products Are Good Because You Aren't Using Harmful Chemicals - Myth.
Just because you are using an organic gardening product doesn’t mean you aren’t using chemicals. It may just be an organic chemical rather than a synthetic one. "Organic" means the chemical is derived from the earth, its deposits or its plants. "Synthetic" means the chemical is made by someone in a lab coat. Either way, the product is still a chemical used to kills bugs. However, Don believes organic fertilizers are superior and uses them exclusively on his plants because they are gentler on the soil and plant root systems. Using organic fertilizers also means you are adding organic matter to the soil.

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JANUARY 16- 18, 2015